UGREEN USB C HUB 4K 60Hz Type C to HDMI 2.0 RJ45 USB 3.0 PD 100W Adapter For Macbook Air Pro iPad Pro M1 PC Accessories USB HUB

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There are 4 models optional, and different models have different ports, please choose suitable model before purchase:

(1) 7-in-1 HDMI RJ45 Model : RJ45 + HDMI 4K60HZ + PD + SD + TF + 2*USB3.0

(2) 6-in-1 HDMI PD Model : HDMI 4K60HZ + PD + SD + TF + 2*USB3.0

(3) 6-in-1 HDMI Model : HDMI 4K60HZ + SD + TF + 3*USB3.0

(4) 5-in-1 HDMI Model : HDMI 4K60HZ + 4*USB3.0

60 Replies to “UGREEN USB C HUB 4K 60Hz Type C to HDMI 2.0 RJ45 USB 3.0 PD 100W Adapter For Macbook Air Pro iPad Pro M1 PC Accessories USB HUB”

  1. The product arrived in 18 days calendar. The hub has a good construction. Simple packaging, arrived with a small box wrinkled but nothing danificase product.

  2. Arrived in 19 days. Very fast so. Input RJ45 worked well; USB OK; Micro USB OK; transmission HDMI surprised me because the picture conveyed very fluid, without interference, are 60Hz. Recommend! The tip type C hub comes with a protective hood, like that detail.

  3. ⌛The order was delivered in about a month, completely tracked. ▃ The packing is quite presentable, you can take as a gift. ▃ The hub itself is working, slightly heated, but without failures. ▃ Bought mainly for SD/TF cards and to increase the number of USB 3.0 (or then 3 built-in laptop me something small) + simultaneous power. ▃ The price at the time of purchase is 854,89 rubles. With coupons/promotional codes.✅

  4. All ports work as advertised, nice rugged build quality in both the chassis and cable. However, I did have some overheating issues (including one power-off scenario) caused by using the PD charging function when connected to a display. I have found a simple workaround to be simply using a lower-rated cable or charger instead, which still works to maintain or even slightly charge my phone, but does not overheat it. I would really like to see an updated version that manages heating a bit more efficiently. A side note, If any Samsung DeX users want to use this, note that I could not enable resolutions over 1080p due to a software lock by Samsung. Screen mirror worked at 1440p with no issue (and at 60Hz).

  5. Delivery to Almaty three weeks. Quality is normal! Works good! Everyone is happy as Python) I will still order here if there is a need! The seller is sociable!

  6. Dock fast warm degree has specialized multipurpose also can be used as looks good. YouTube vibe to recommend. Cushion walking stick in apostle love made difference country little wait and then you can buy advantages for newspaper when you return refund this discomfort cons four key

  7. It came quickly to my country, good quality and construction.
    All ports work including the charging PD.
    I recommend it

  8. With air M1 everything works well, FHD monitor 60 Hertz, PD, USB, card reader, Lan (15 minutes tested, for no time). It’s heated, yes, degrees ~ 45, I think it’s the norm, I’m not worried. Recommend.
    On the account of delivery it’s tinplate! This is the second one ordered and it came faster than ordered for 2 weeks earlier the first hub. With the sending of this seller the head was morochil, when ordering, there was everything in the warehouse in Russia, how to send, so immediately ended. For 3 days, I rewrote with the seller, until the screen with the presence in the Russian Federation sent. The trouble with logistics at them of course would do what to correct this situation.

  9. The goods, corresponds to the description, delivery to P. Komi 28 days. The order is satisfied, we recommend.

  10. Arrived very quickly 19 days, already had other products U-Green and the quality is awesome, work perfect with the monitor 4K to 60Hz, internet perfect by RJ45 (reason have bought this version and without problems in charging. The only point of attention is temperature, found it very hot…

  11. 60Hz works, PD works-at least 86W pulls. The only thing not 1GB is only 100, maybe something is wrong with the cable. I’m happy with the purchase, I took it because of HDMI 4K @ 60Hz

  12. Chic adapter all fully corresponds to the description! Quality Premium all super! I advise a cool thing!

  13. As always, ugreen is surprised by the quality and packaging, in fact, not yet checked but visually delighted.

  14. In Ukraine, the parcel went a month and 20 days, bought at 11.11. The Hub is simply chic, everything works clearly. it is slightly heated when working, but not critical.

  15. With air M1 everything works well and stable. Mac in the stand on the table, the hub is connected to the constant, the output to the FHD 60Hz Monitor with constant power supply on the PD, it is heated badly, but it. He makes a nasty squeak, I hear it if I’m 60 centimeters from him. It’s strange of course, that the manufacturer allows himself such a thing, the hub is not cheap, after all. Version 7 B1, Lan also works well. MacOS Monterey.

  16. Talk me out of it. Markata prelaga quality devices and Tova is not E activation. Corps e aluminiev. USB-C konector Pasva ideal-stegnato and sigurno. The device is attached to the Prez work it without problems. Zarezhdaneto-sko. The value of the partition can be entered for a vrybka with a lot of devices on the MacBook, coito and two self with two ports! Kato единствен Malk minus Moga yes bleezha, Che color is not an excuse on Space Gray on Apple. Malko E.
    Delivered to Beche Bresa. For two sedms.

  17. A good hub from ugreen, the quality is chic, the case is aluminum, almost everything works, including charging. True, I do not have a Thunderbolt connector in the laptop, but only a regular USB-C, so there is no support for HDMI. But I took it first of all because of the slots under the memory card and additional USB.

  18. Ordered 17.10 received 15.11. Took for MacBook’ a pro. Everything works fine (grid, HDMI, card reader, USB Type A). Excellent quality. And it looks good enough. Who thinks to take, I recommend. I hope to live for a long time. Thing!

  19. Very much heats up just to work on the internet, nothing connecting, except the cable. In the rest all ports worked. The temperature is hot enough, consider this factor. Without supervision, I would not leave, or else I would not…

  20. Fast shipping days/well received. For iPad Pro connected to monitor output use use.

  21. Everything works fine, but the cord is quite rigid, and when you connect the same rigid HDMI cable, everything will bend the Type-C connector.

  22. It’s fine. I took it for Huawei Matebook D 16. Charging through it works.

  23. Nice hub. Connected to iPad Air. Ethernet will determine if HDMI works. Made qualitatively. Delivery is fast.

  24. Crazy shipping speed and quality high. In obscure living than cheap high performance even much liked

  25. Product as described and appears to be of high quality. Have not tested all of the ports yet but HDMI, Ethernet and USB-A ports work.

  26. MacBook M1 air. All connectors work. HDMI 60Hz output! The adapter is heated enough when the HDMI output works

  27. Looks well, yet not a test. But if not confirm a review, then it is OK)

  28. A good hub, good, expensive truth, but everything works.
    Delivery by a pack, fast.

  29. He arrived very late. Very beautiful, but small it measures 12 long and 3cm wide. Very fine. But it works well, I tried it as soon as he arrived.

  30. The order came quite quickly, about 2 weeks before Moscow hub works, but the monitor connects at 1440r only in 120Hz 8 bit, it certainly would not be critical, but it is as stated.

  31. Great. Works very well. Connected thru HDMI to TV from Huawei P40 pro and P20 pro with Phone mode and Desktop mode respectively. Keyboard with usb receiver works well. Many videos can be put thru to TV easily this way with ease of logging in to various video sites requiring swiping verification.
    The body gets warm; the aluminum body dissipates heat well?

  32. Very fast shipping. Works with MacBook Pro M1 without problems, PD charge at full power. The HDMI output at [email protected] works great. The color is a little bit different than the space grey MacBook but the quality is great.

  33. Very good product. Nice and working perfectly. Arrved relatively fast.

  34. Perfect. Seller. Packaging flawless. Top quality.
    Exceeded expectations.
    Super indicate. The price was acceptable. Still came a toast.

  35. Very good! Minimalist and beautifully finished! Without talk promises q q stick.

  36. The USB hub looks neat and sound, it is stated that one port on the end should give out 3.0 and three others on the long side 2.0, but whether it is so, unfortunately, not, although the internal configuration of these ports is somewhat different (see macro photo). The USB-C computer port comes in hard enough, the flash drives in the hub ports also come in with an effort, but all 4 ports work properly, at least for now. If something goes wrong in the process of use, I’ll add a review, but in the meantime everything is OK.

  37. Everything is super fast!
    On M1 air everything works!
    For such a price it is better not to find!
    Thanks ugreen!

  38. I love the product, the only detail I find is that it heats up. In general I am very satisfied with this adapter and it is not the first time I buy ugreen items, I like them very much and I highly recommend them. Ugreen’s cables are the ones that lasted me the most. I was able to connect my hp mouse

  39. It’s a small piece of equipment, much smaller than I anticipated. My daughter loves it, because it is in essence the modern day version of a docking station. The item was delivered in a factory sealed retail box.

  40. Very high quality and convenient adapter. Delivered quickly. There are many options for choosing, you can choose exactly what you need, there are 5 in 1, 6 in 1, 7 in 1 up to 10 in 1. I recommend!
    Purchase and seller is satisfied.

  41. Good quality adapter, cable in braid. Mac on M1 immediately started at 4K/60fps, other ports also work without complaints.

  42. Hub is awesome! Courier delivery in Russia to Peter came very quickly. The quality is excellent, like all ugreen products. By the way, I took a review of the adapter and a couple of other products of this brand (in the last screen)

  43. Fast shipping, slow delivery, good product. EMS to Korea is too slow. I don’t understand why UGreen has changed the carrier.

  44. Arrived very fast very well wrapped, good quality, excellent product

  45. One week only for shipping is completed, I am so glad.

    The included is flashing dip one sticker, well writing.

  46. Wheel perfectly the Nintendo Switch! Was a good surprise, not expected that worked, but works exactly as a dock, including carrying the switch. Works perfectly also on my MacBook Pro M1em monitor 4K, with the 60Hz. All ports work well, think the HD External were a little slower by tests did, but OK to me

  47. Made qualitatively, looks good, but…

    When charging the MacBook Air 30-watt power supply via the power delivery port, this hub produces a nasty barely audible squeak/Whistle (as in cheap/low-cost).

    In the rest of the rules.

    -The speed of the USB does not cut much,
    -HDMI broadcasts in 60Hz, as stated,
    -It is not heated very much, both with and without load. Looks like the hull itself is a heat sink here.

  48. The box was crumpled, but the goods did not fall off. All ports checked-work fine. Thanks for the gift in the form of stickers 🙂

  49. All ports work, 60 Hertz produces for 4 K. All ports work. I did not try charging. Tested on Rog strics g713qm

  50. On the MacBook Air M1, all ports work perfectly. The hub is heated, to a tangible state, but not boiled.

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