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MIYOO MINI V2 is a powerful mini handheld console with multiple emulators to play your old retro games.

Question answering :

Start using

1. Insert the TF card that has been installed with the game into the TF card slot;

2. Charge the equipment to ensure normal startup;

3. Start Up: press the power key for 1 seconds.

How to install games?

1. Take the TF card out of the machine,insert the card reader to connect to
the computer,

and copy the “Game ROM” to the folder of the corresponding game type in the TF card;

2. Insert the TF card into the TF card slot,Press [MENU] to open the MENU, and select “Refresh ROM”.


Boot: long press the power supply for 1 seconds

Shutdown: press the power supply for 3 seconds to open the shutdown menu, and press [A] to shut down.

Idle mode, sleep mode,and wake up

60 seconds no operation enters the idle mode, and the screen becomes dark;

In idle mode, press any button to wake up;

No operation for 5 minutes or short press the power key to enter the sleep mode, close the screen and sound,

and automatically shut down after 10 minutes without operation after entering the sleep mode,

You can set the sleep time or disable sleep in the settings options;

In sleep mode, press the power key to wake up.

Firmware Upgrade

1. Shutdown status.

2. Place the Mirror file in the root directory of the TF card,

Insert the TF card slot and connect the charging line to enter the charging mode, and the nautomatically

start up and upgrade.

Do not power off during the upgrade.

Start using

In the game catalog, select a game and press[A]Start the game.

Exit the game

In the game, Press [MENU] to open the MENU, select the “Exit” option, and press [A] to Exit the game.

Save or read game progress

In the game, Press [MENU] to open the MENU, select the “Save” or “Load” option,

press the direction key [LEFT, RIGHT] to select the recording position, press [A] to

save or read the current progress. A game can save up to 10 records.


Press the arrow key [UP,DOWN] to select the setting items: screen brightness,

volume, sleep time, which can be modified by the direction key [LEFT, RIGHT];

Select setting items: Language, key mapping,

System Restore, etc., and press [A] to enter the corresponding setting page.

Pay attention to the following security precautions when using it

Do not spray any liquid on the machine body to avoid damage caused by liquid entering the machine;

Do not modify, repair or disassemble the product;

Do not use any diluent or volatile liquid to clean this product;

Avoid exposure to high temperature or direct contact with flame.

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  1. Wow…I do not write reviews but wow…this thing is amazing for the price. Seller included fully loaded micro sd card (32gb) w gb, gbc, gba, nes, snes, neogeo, genesis, master system (maybe a few others) complete libraries. Screen is BEAUTIFUL. Internal battery. Everything in English and VERY easy to use. Works PERFECTLY.

  2. Very cool little gadget! Comes with a good selection of games and is able to run up to PS1.

  3. Very nice retro portable console! Excellent finish, very well assembled. Plastics don’t squeeze. The buttons respond well. Really tiny. Only defect a small shine in the plastic under the screen, but the seller sends me a replacement shell. Very nice, to see at the reception.

  4. Kind seller and good product. Fast delivery and a cool retro game console. I’m satisfied with the review later.

  5. Superb. Very small but high quality. Delivery was really fast even if during Christmas time, seller is 10/10

  6. Fast shipping and packaged well. Great hassle free transaction. The Miyoo Mini has a lot of potential.

  7. Good built quality, some weight in this device like a mobile phone, comfortable to hold, buttons are easy to press and responsive, shoulder / trigger buttons are very detailed and have friction. Screen can be viewed from all angles, clear and sharp. Overall a very good mini device you can put in your EDC bag. Took around 18 days to arrive after ordered. Can recommend people this quality handheld device as well as this seller/store.

  8. Pretty nice handheld device. It is smaller than I thought but still a perfect size. The screen is clean and the battery is acceptable. I will add more commence later since I just received it.

  9. Each update portable improves, the community is improving functions. The miyoo turn has Casting Updates, but not disclose the kernel code hindering the work of programmers. To buyers Brazilian order to declare below $51 I was taxed because of it.

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