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Starting at only $0.25 per month, ZokikiSystem offers extremely cheap web hosting with high reliability and speeds on over 20 servers located around the world.

Bring your own domain name and host your website with us.
Cheap domain names are available for purchase here.
There is no extra cost or risk. We guarantee 99.9% uptime and 100% satisfaction with our services.

Small Shared Hosting

  • Domain 1
  • 1GB Web Space
  • 100GB Bandwidth
  • Email 10 accounts
  • MySQL databases 5
  • FTP Accounts 5


Large Shared Hosting

  • Domain 3
  • 5GB Web Space
  • 200GB Bandwidth
  • Email 20 accounts
  • MySQL databases 10
  • FTP Accounts 10


Extra Large Hosting

  • Domain  +5 
  • 50GB Web Space
  • 500GB Bandwidth
  • Email 30 accounts
  • MySQL databases 30
  • FTP Accounts 30


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Would you like to host your web site on the best international servers and at a cheap price? Here is the "Cheapest Web Hosting" plan for you that offers unlimited resources that will be perfect for your website. At just $6/year (yes! you read it right), get 1GB of disk space, 100GB of bandwidth, FTP accounts, Email accounts, MySQL databases, and subdomains. Besides these unlimited features, you also get free SSL certificates for your websites that will help you gain the trust of the user. For blazing-fast websites, we use LiteSpeed servers that are faster than other types. Host your website freely with enhanced security measures that include CageFS, Modsecurity, CloudLinux, and custom firewall rules. With this cheap web hosting plan, you get a cPanel or DirectAdmin control panel to set up your websites and manage them. It comes with free WordPress installation.

What can you expect from hosting your website with us?

►NVMe SSD Storage

►Unlimited Bandwidth(you can go over it anytime)

►Unlimited CPU Allocation

►JetBackup Daily Backups

►Unlimited Free SSL Certificates

►Unlimited Inodes

►Multiple PHP Selector

►LiteSpeed Enterprise

►Premium Site Builder with Sitepad

►Softaculous (400+ Applications)

►Security with CloudLinux

►FTP Access

►Turbo Charged Servers

► 99.9% Uptime

►Direct Admin

What Makes Our Web Hosting Services Unique

Direct Admin


Your DirectAdmin panel comes bundled with many features. For instance, CronJob Management, you will be able to automate any task you want if any of your scripts or web applications require it. System information and how resources are used are also available on your panel. You will be in a position to monitor web space and bandwidth usage. File manager for downloading, copying, moving or erasing files on your webserver. You are able to create your own custom name servers with your own domain name. MySQL is included in all our hosting plans. We also provide phpMyAdmin for the administration of your databases.


If you have Cpanel before, you're going to love DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin is a web hosting control panel such as Cpanel that allows you to administer your shared hosting server via a web browser. It facilitates setup, configuration and management of your web hosting account and runs entirely under Linux. With DirectAdmin, you'll have the ability to manage all aspects of your online business. It is safe, reliable, powerful and easy to work with.


Inside of your DirectAdmin you will have access to Softaculous that hosts over 400 applications such as Wordpress, Joomla, MODX, Ghost, PretaShop, OpenCart, Bootstrap, Lavarel, Simple Machines Forum (SMF), and all kinds of other PHP scripts. You can install any application with Softaculous without using FTP to upload your files individually. Simply fill out the information and click on install. It is that easy with Softaculous on your DirectAdmin Panel or Dashboard.




SitePad is now built into our DirectAdmin. This powerful premium website builder has more than 800 professional themes to make websites or blog sites easily with drag & drop widgets. You'll have access to hundreds of widgets to add images, video sliders, quotes, long text, social media features and many more. SitePad has all the tools necessary for building a professional website, and all websites created by SitePad are responsive and compatible with all screen sizes.


Sitepad is absolutely free and comes with any web hosting packages. You may use this premium website builder to build any type of responsive website for yourself or your customers. It is easy to operate thanks to its drag and drop functionality. And it has hundreds of free and premium templates, built-in Sitepad that you can use to get started fast. These templates and themes can be customized to meet your needs and the needs of your clients. There are more than 800 free and premium themes available on Sitepad in almost every category. For instance, there are themes for lawyers, blogs, e-commerce, education, photography, travel websites, and much more. Each template or theme is easy to customize from the header to the bottom of the page on your favorite browser. Sitemap is another alternative to Wordpress so you can customize your themes without having to code anything.




JetBackup is available on your DirectAmin panel with a user-friendly interface, encrypted backups and unlimited options. With JetBackup you will be able to backup your website and files without any issues thanks to its easy to use graphical interface in DirectAdmin. Moreover, it is one of the best backup solutions in the web hosting industry. You have the ability to back up your database, files, emails and website.



CloudLinux will protect your data from attacks by virtualizing user files and preventing sensitive information from being disclosed. This is the ultimate protective feature for Linux web servers with its CageFS server environment. It will isolate each account on the web server to avoid cross-account breaches. With CloudLinux and its CageFS technology, users will be unable to view server configuration files like Apache Config files. In addition, users will not be able to see other users, nor will they be able to detect other users. CloudLinux operates in the background to keep our servers safe.

Bring Your Own Domain Name

As I stated, "bring your own domain name”. ZokikiSystem does not currently offer domain registration. As we cannot provide you with that service any cheaper than domain providers such as NameCheap, who always have .com promotion for a year or two for only $0.99 a year. However, we do provide cheap and reliable DirectAdmin web hosting to host your website. Our web hosting plan starts at only $0.5 a month or only $6 a year. Multiple PHP versions Many versions of PHP are available through your DirectAdmin. If you have to run the latest PHP version or an older version for some reason. This can be done conveniently on your DirectAdmin panel. Because we know that some PHP scripts may need an older or more recent version to function correctly. You have the option to choose whichever PHP version you prefer from 4.x to 8.x.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Features

Although we have set a bandwidth limit on every web hosting package, our bandwidth is designed for unlimited usage. If you need more bandwidth, get in touch with the admin. We are going to increase your bandwidth or allow you to use Unlimited Bandwidth free of charge. You may do so for any web hosting package, with the exception of the free hosting package. Our infrastructure is built on fast 10Gbit/s ports. This will enable us to provide our clients with total access to unlimited bandwidth.

Not only are we able to upgrade your account with unlimited bandwidth free of charge. We will provide unlimited features should you require them for free. Unlimited Features is unlimited email, FTP, MySQL, and subdomain accounts for all paid users. LiteSpeed and LSCache are available on every server. Our servers are optimized for speed with NVMe SSDs, Litespeed and 10GB/s ports. Our servers increase dynamic content rendering times by up to 1,000 percent.

Technically, you can have a fixed amount of email accounts for every web hosting package. However, if you contact our admins, we will provide you access to an unlimited number of email accounts. If you need more email accounts for your business online. Our emails are filled with features such as automatic functionality to send a copy of an email from one email address to another. You can leave automatic response messages to incoming emails. You can send a single email to several email addresses by creating an email list. And we offer Roundcube and Squirrelmail which are browser-based web-mail clients for managing your e-mail accounts.

You will be given access to unlimited inodes. That's how many files you can get on your web hosting account. Since we use NVMe Drives to host your account, we won’t limit the amount of files you can upload. All our servers use NVMe that gives data access up to 600% faster. Also, we provide unlimited RAM Allocation. That is how much physical memory is allocated to our web hosting servers.

Instant Account Activation

ZokikiSystem enables immediate account activation. You will have access to your web hosting account instantaneously on payment. Our system will set up your account and give you quick access to your DirectAdmin panel so you can start creating your website or blog. Moreover, We provide free and unlimited SSL certificates, because we all know that this functionality has become the standard. You can delete the domain name you use to register your account and add a different domain name. And always obtain free SSL certificates for this domain name on your DirectAdmin panel.


WordPress is the way and you can install it for free by uploading it via FTP or on Softaculous with just one click. WordPress has been around for a while now and is the most popular Content Management System on the World Wide Web. Everybody uses it for creating personal blogs, government, school, church websites, and much more. WordPress is safe and user-friendly. The platform is updated on a frequent basis. And it has a never-ending amount of free and premium themes and plugins for you to install on your WordPress site.

Web Hosting Rules


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    * · You will not modify or alter any part of this Site or the Services found at this Site or any of its related technologies.
    * · We do allow Mature Adult Sites

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